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village Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur that subdivided of 5 Villages Which Is Lempur Intermediates, Inland Lempur, Lempur is Downstream, Lempur's New village and Manjuto Lempur's Village.  village has Custom Chief. Of to five that Village lies under Custom Lead Which Is Depati Agung and Depati Anom what does have wisata's potency nature and culture, also been drawned round by hills and about mountain.
Available one mountain at silvan it which is Mountain Betuah, which at that mountain vicinity exists to get Waterfall kind and 5 Lake that have water color characteristic and fish type that variably, at this hillside also available custom forest that at guard by Lempur's Village Society

            At  Village Lekuk 50 Tumbi this also available defense fortress namely Castled Depati Parbo. Depati Parbo constitutes kerinci's struggle hero that fights to stop dutch from Bengkulu. This martial is recognised by the name of Martial Manjuto .




Danau (Lake) Kaco

Kaco's lake constitute Wisata's Object Nature that is so beautiful lie one in TNKS Forest Area and Gets Through Forest that stills Beautiful which is Nature Custom Forest Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur also included Silvan area regions Manjuto Lempur district Locks-up Gunung Raya and spaced More Or Less 9 Km  of Village Center and just can at reaches by hike.

At on tour wends Kaco's Lake we can hear sound Ape, we Can Also see heterogeneous Species Bird that melodious chirrup and gets Satwa's Type kind another.

After sail through trip up to 3 hours, our body feels sweaty and dogtired, every thing must will get lost while we swim in Kaco's Lake with its frosty and clear water / unclouded and blue color.   “Admirably really ”

Kaco's lake that gets ±20's depth meter this is still   can look clear its basic of lakeside and constitutes Wisata's Object Main that at hankers touristed domestic and also from mancanegara. over and above  its color blue water, This Kaco's lake also at dwells by semah's Fish that so amicable with us.

At on tour wends kaco's lake exists also one waterfall seluang bersisik emas which be beautiful by high 25 meters and wonderful be made photography locations. 

Renah Kemumu Trek

Renah Kemumu is a small but very old community of about 100 homes completely within the boundaries of the Kerinci Seblat National Park. To reach the village, you can travel by foot along traditional forest paths from the village of Lempur in southern Kerinci, passing through core zones of the National Park. It takes about 15 hours to reach the village walking at a leisurely pace, taking photos, and looking for wildlife. Villagers use the path about once a month, and make the trip in about 6 hours. On a 5 day trip there and back, you can expect to see countless hornbills and other birds, leaf monkeys, skinks and monitor lizards, squirrels, bats, and more. You’ll possibly come across evidence of tigers and other wild cats, sambar deer, wild boar, civets, and more. You’ll definitely hear the enchanting songs of Siamang gibbons. Your guide will also point out many edible forest fruits and vegetables along the way.

Gunung (Mt.) Kunyit

This active volcano is in the southern end of the valley, so named Kunyit (turmeric) for the abundant sulfur that can be found on the mountain. During the six hour trek to the summit, you pass through enchanted cloud forests and encounter steaming sulfur vents, making for an interesting climb. The starting point is the village of Talang Kumuning, one hour south of Sungaipenuh. Within the crater, a bubbling hot spring can be found after a short hike, and there is the mystical “Taman Dewa” or Garden of the Gods where the local hero Depati Parbo meditated, supposedly gaining invulnerability to Dutch bullets as a result.

The Lakes of Lempur (Lingkat)

There are a number of other lakes surrounding Lempur as well: Danau Lingkat, Danau Duo, Danau Nyalo, Danau Kecik. Each one is said to have a slightly different color, ranging from green to black. Visiting all or some of them makes for a good day trip and affords many opportunities to also see surrounding highland farms and maybe some wildlife. See some more images of the different lakes scattered around Kerinci

The Lakes of Nyalo

This lake lie at brimming  (Hutan Adat) CUSTOM FOREST  Lekuk 50 Tumbi Lempur that nearby Lake Lingkat. Interesting thing on wisata's object this lake, can see Grouse that dallier and swimming in lake while solar beginning shining and draws near beginning eventide robe this universe. Herein also within hearing animal voice as, Ape, bird and another one.
For Photograpy's enthusiast in here also wonderful to photography location that theme Nature,  no until forget “ TELE'S LENS ” to photograph and monitors grouse and another satwa. 
 Lake that its color water Black and brown that can be sailed through by motorbike and also car. Of Lempur's Village, trip just needs vicinity time 10 minutes, or vicinity 1 hour of Full River City. And drawned out by hike up to 40 minutes. This lake is visited touristed Photography's Hobby one, Bird watcher and teal.  

The Lakes of Duo

Lake Duo is one lake which wonderful and beautiful. To is Like adventure and challenge of well-matched at thisa. In the presence this lake have so long available. 
Road wends duo's lake. If you transit from Sungai Penuh city wend  Lempur vilage with distance sails through 45 meter kilos.
One comes unto Lempur. You can ascend ojek (bike) and likes adventure, can road do splits and don't forget to take in local Wizard to guide your trip. Using vehicle not feels far. Just just road is still clear a root earth and heaving full stone. So long road trip just do splits 2 hours and vehicle just a few minutes.  
You like to universalize fotography. duo's lake area really beautiful to been perpetuated. What again while eventide violet is down to contest make to take photograph you getting wherewith and alive. You can also drawn a bead on camera with pictured nature, namely Squirrel, Ape. and Batuah's Mountain.

Guide   : Zacky

Email    : pencagura@yahoo.co.id

Mobile : +6281366319255

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