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Cinnamon is a kind of spice obtained from the inner bark of several species of trees of the genus Cinnamomum that is used for sweet and savory dishes . Although cinnamon is sometimes regarded as " true cinnamon " , most of cinnamon bark in the international trade of other species nearby , which is also called " cassia " to distinguish it from the " true cinnamon " . Cinnamon is the name for a dozen species of trees and herbs commercial product produced by the partial pepophan . Everything belonging to the genus Cinnamomum in the family Lauraceae . Only a few of these species are grown to be sold as a spice .


 MAHSEER SEMAH FISH                                                                                                                                                                                         Rivers and Lakes in Lempur is home to thousands of fish sought semah local fishermen . Semah fish is a freshwater fish including the rare , the population is only found along the river and some Lempur Lake . The belle of the animals captured and able to be processed into delicious dishes by local people . While visiting the Kerinci regency , see menyicipi semah fish curry . Spicy and sour flavors dominate the meat , especially if you are sipping a thick yellow sauce . The tongue will not stop gobble it up. In every diner in the area that can be visited Lempur generally been providing unique culinary area that Semah Fish and rice plus the distinctive Payo this Lempur Village . The rice was very flavorful , tender , and really delicious .



Characteristics and types of Semar Pockets This plant can grow mencapati 15-20 m tall with vines other measures , although there are some species that do not propagate upward . At the end of the existing leaf tendrils that can be modified to form a bag , trap used to consume their prey ( eg , insects , leeches , frogs ) that ' s the way to . Typically , Nepenthes has three types of forms of bags , namely handbags top , bottom bags , and bags rosette . Top bag is a bag of adult plants , generally in the form of a funnel or cylinder , no wings , do not have attractive colors , the side facing the rear tendrils and twigs can be wrapped around other plants , bags on animals often fly like mosquitoes or flies , this kind of bag rarely let alone not found in most species , N. ampullaria image . Bottom bag bags produced in young plants generally tergelatak on the ground , has two wings that serves as a tool for soil insects such as ants climb to the mouth of the bag and subsequent liquid splashed berenzim dlm it , while the rosette bag , has the same form as in the bottom of the bag , but the bag rosette grows in the form of a rosette of leaves , the parable of the species that have the kind of bag that ampullaria N. and N. gracilis . Most of the plants are sometimes issued in the form of a mixed bag of bags such as lower and upper pitchers .

This plant has a very broad dissemination of the waterfront to the plateau , in because this is the Nepenthes divided dlm two types namely type highland and lowland type , although generally the species grows in the highlands . Listed species are grown in very high altitude , namely N. lamii namely in altitude 3 , 520 m .

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